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Some vindication

Gauteng’s controversial toll road system was back in the news this past weekend (October 29).

In an article titled “Report muddies tolling system”, which appeared in the Saturday Star as well as online, it is reported that the Gauteng government “ignored expert advice four years ago warning that the Gauteng Freeway Improvement Scheme should not be implemented without public transport first being improved”.

A commissioned review report by a consortium found that the open tolling system was not considered in relation to the overall transport context.

The paper approached me for comment as a former head of Gauteng transport, in which I said that I was aware of this commissioned report, and that the South African National Roads Agency Limited “had reneged on agreements” made with my then-department and municipalities.

It is very interesting to note that the consortium referred to in the article is the MNS/Dornier consortium. One of the charges against me emanating from the Peter Harris investigation had to do with the fact that I had commissioned this study; and not only were the recommendations of the consortium ignored, I was persecuted for having commissioned this study.

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