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Blog – The Investigation

Update on the Public Protector process

Following the complaint that I lodged with the Public Protector in 2010, and some correspondence between the Public Protector and my attorney, I received a letter dated 31 March 2012 from… Read more

My response to the email from the Press Ombudsman, Mr Joe Thloloe

On February 1 2012, I had an opportunity to make an oral submission to the Press Freedom Commission, headed by Justice Pius Langa. After my submission, the Press Ombudsman, Mr Joe… Read more

The Star and the Press Ombudsman: My complaint and the outcome

On November 25 2009, The Star published an article by Anel Lewis with the heading: “DA to sue after Gauteng ignores R50 million overspend”. I then laid a complaint through the South African… Read more

MNS, Gautrain and toll roads

Throughout the Resolve Group investigation – based on unfounded allegations levelled against me by Mr Ignatius Jacobs, the MEC responsible for transport at the time – and the subsequent… Read more

Peter Harris refused to listen

Following the appointment of the Resolve Group, headed by Peter Harris, to investigate various issues relating to the functioning of the Gauteng Department of Public Transport, Roads and… Read more

Three sides to a story

There are three salient aspects in my fight to clear my name that I would like to address in this entry:
  • Letter to the Public Protector
  • Settlement agreement
  • Analysis of letter…
Read more